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IHSS Recipient/Consumer Education Videos

November 8, 2013
Health Insurance notices for IHSS Providers that currently receive health insurance through Link2Care.

IHSS Annual Notice

Important Notice From IHSS Stanislaus About Your Prescription Drug Coverage and Medicare

Aviso Importante de IHSS Stanislaus Sobre su Cobertura para Recetas Médicas y Medicare

CMIPS II is Here!

On March 4, 2013 we converted to the new Case Management Information and Payrolling System (CMIPS) II. With the conversion to CMIPS II, time sheets will no longer be keyed in the Stanislaus office, they are now mailed to a central time sheet processing facility in Chico California where they are scanned. Additionally, with the conversion to CMIPS II, IHSS hours will be recorded in hours and minutes and not hours and tenths of hours as done in the past.

CMIPS II Time Sheet Tips

Information for Providers with Health Benefits

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